Erica Robinson

October 7, 2015

Please help me welcome author Erica Robinson to my website and Facebook Group Forum today.

Erica Robinson

And without delay, we will get right into the interview. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your work, Erica.


When did you know you wanted to become and author, and why?

I was in my 40s when the real thought occurred to me to compose a book. The idea was mainly for my kids to have a copy and for me to see it in print.


What type of writing do you do, and do you think you may write something else at some point?

I write poetry, but I would like to write a novel using my family and life as the story line.


What have you written so far? 

I have one book of poetry finished, Paper Trail.It is poetry from approx. 1960-1971 with a few from 1990s.  I have hundreds of poems.


How long did it take you to publish your first book?

I didn’t try publishing at all until 2 years ago. I was too busy to commit to anything for myself like that.


Are you published through the traditional method, or are you an Indie author?

I went through Create Space. (Interviewer’s note: For those of you who do not know, CreateSpace is a place where authors can publish their own works.)


Have you written anything else?

I have written the beginning of a few novels….does that count? (Interviewer comment: Well, of course it does, silly writer!!!  LOL)


What is the biggest thing you have learned in the process of becoming an author?

How computer illiterate I am!!!!


What would you most like to see changed about your own writing, if anything?

I would like to be a stronger writer.


Who is your favorite author (aside from yourself, of course)?

Ha ha! I wouldn’t say I am my favorite! My sister, CJ Vermote, who is a newer author. I am a lover of classics so Alexander Dumas and Dickens; in fantasy, Terry Goodkind; mystery, I like many; Christian is K. Kingsbury and Cheney. I own and love every book by Catherine Cookson/Marchand.


Do you have a biggest fan?

My family of course…what else can they say. My sisters and a few friends.


Are you an avid reader yourself?

Yes, I am. I often have more than one book on the go at the same time.


Do you have a favorite character in any novel, including your own?

Not really, there are too many books behind me!


Do you have aspirations of any of your works becoming a movie? 

No, even if I get the novel written I don’t have that aspiration.


How much time do you spend writing each day?

Only when the words come jumping and flying into my mind. I can go weeks without writing. That may be why I am not a stronger writer.


Where do you like to write?

Out walking is a pretty common time that poetry comes to me; I am so thankful for the notebook on my phone! One time, I had to dash into a corner store and ask for any scrape of paper and a pencil!


If you could go anywhere, where would you most like to go to write?

The ocean definitely.


What is your favorite novel from another writer?

I Know You? By CJ Vermote, Book of Negroes, Counte of Monte Christo, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, Sora’s Quest and The White by TL Shreffler


Are there other writers in your family?

One of my sisters is a writer. CJ Vermote. She has 4 published and another on the ready to go. Our mother was a writer and our father wanted to be a journalist.


What is your biggest problem in writing?

Getting started and holding it together!


When do you think your next book of poetry will come out?

I have another book of poetry coming out in Oct. or Nov. of this year.


Do you have any words of wisdom for future authors?

Be brave and do it! Don’t be afraid to let people read your work. I didn’t let anyone read any of my poetry until I was around 65 for fear it was all clap trap.


Where were you born, where did you grow up?

Born in Maryland, but grew up in Renton, Seattle and Olympia Washington. I moved to the Fraser Valley in BC, Canada in 1971.


Where did you spend most of your life?

The majority of my life was in Seattle, Washington


What experiences in life have contributed to your writing?

My traumatic childhood, divorce, death of some very close people. The mess I made of my early life. Writing poetry helped me keep my balance and sanity. I write it on the paper and walk away. I am considered to be a happy contented person and I believe that is part of the reason.


How have the experiences in your life contributed to your writing?

I think the emotion brought out by the events in my life, happy and sad, influenced my writing the most. My poetry is all strong emotion.


Tell us a little more about yourself personally.

I came from a family of 6 girls, me being the eldest. Our mother remarried when I was 15 bringing the kid number in a three bedroom house to 10. In this photo I am the second from the right with dark hair and dark framed glasses. I am holding baby number 11.

Baby number 11 arrived the year I turned 18. I married in ’71 and moved to Canada where I knew no one else. We had a raspberry farm and hobby farmed animals as well during those “hippie” years.  I loved that time in my life. I became a Christian in 1973, which was transforming for sure. I had two children who never gave us any trouble. Circumstances in  life caused me to go out to work. I worked for 35 years in two different Christian schools. One of my jobs was to create a library and getting it running…dream job!   I was divorced in ’95. I have lived for the last 16+ years in a “granny suite” with my daughter and her family.


I like to hike, walk, camp and in general be outside. I knit and crochet a bit, read a lot, attend aqua fit and other similar activities.


I have a pug dog that needed a home.


The only hope I have of getting a website up and running would require a huge bribe to my techie sister!


I keep thinking when I grow up I will get it together…ha!


Where can your readers and future readers contact you?


Or on pen and paper:

5821 Cowichan St.,

Chilliwack, BC

V2R 0G7


Thank you for this delightful look into the life and work of Erica Robinson. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better and hope that you have great success with both your next book of poems, as well as that novel that I know is in there somewhere. We will be looking forward to hearing more from you in the future, Erica Robinson.

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