Kim Gosselin

September 16, 2015

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Kim Gosselin




Is an author I met on my favorite group in LinkedIn, PenandPaperWorld where we have had discussions on numerous topics for writers and authors.


And now, let’s get into the questions and answers, and learn more about this interesting author of helpful children’s book.



When did you know you wanted to become an author and why?


Although I wrote words from the time I was a young child, I never dreamed of becoming an “Author” or a real writerSuddenly, when my son was diagnosed with a chronic condition at the age of six, I was faced with a need to fill.  I never chose to write a book, rather it chose me.  I felt a passion never known before.



How long did it take you to publish your first book?


I wrote my first book in a matter of minutes before teaching myself how to publish over the course of about six months.  This was over twenty years ago, before Indie was a trend or Amazon even existed.  I didn’t have a computer at the time so everything was done by hand or press.



Are you published through the traditional method, or are you an Indie author?


I once owned a traditional publishing company that published about 26 titles, including all of my children’s books.  Today, I’m pursuing both avenues, Indie and traditional.



How many books have you written?


I wrote sixteen children’s books to help educate children’s peers about chronic conditions in a fun and non-technical way.


(Here are seven of her other books.  You can see the rest by visiting Amazon and typing in her name to pull up all they offer.)



(These were my first two books written shortly after my children were diagnosed/six months apart.)






Have you written anything else? 

Yes, I’ve written close to 300 blog posts consisting of short stories, articles, quotes and poetry.  But, by far I’m most proud of my forthcoming picture book, a work of fiction entitled, Babies of Two.  It’s the first book written from the perspective of baby twins prior to birth.  What do they see?  What do they do?  The secret is out.  So much fun for me and you!  It’s a heartwarming story filled with love and humor that generations can share for years to come.



When do you know you have the story the way you want it to read?


By reading it aloud several times and doing editing in-between until my ear hears it the way a reader might.   I was a theatre major in college so perhaps this helps a bit.  Often, I read stories to my three year old grand-daughter.  If I capture her attention or make her giggle, then I know I’ve done my job.



Who is your favorite author?  


There are several that come to mind who have passed on but are still some of my favorite authors. 


Dominick Dunne was a favorite who specialized in true crime books as well as writing articles for Vanity Fair.  He was a master at writing crime-related novels, providing a genuine peek behind the curtain of his character’s lives. 


E.B. White is by far my favorite children’s book author, having written Charlotte’s Webb.  I still cry upon the death of dear Charlotte, particularly at the end when her babies are whisked off in the upper breeze of the barn. 


And, Sylvia Plath is still a long favorite poet of mine for the haunting and beautiful lines she wrote so prophetically.



If you could go anywhere, where would you most like to go to write?


Oh, my absolute dream is to climb high in the sky where I’d settle into a cozy nook of a custom tree-house.  My favorite books would surround me plus an assortment of pens and paper to write magical stories from the dreams of my imagination.   A bit of heaven above the earth for me!



Do you have any words of wisdom for future authors?


Yes, work your passion while living your dreams and don’t ever give-up.  Never take rejection as an answer but use it as an opportunity.  If your passion isn’t in it, don’t do it.  And whenever possible, surround yourself with the innocence of children in order to witness wonders of the world.



When do you think your next book will come out?


My next book, Babies of Two is due for release in e-book format on November 1st and will be available on  It’s beautifully illustrated in water-color by the oh-so-talented, Alisa Belzil.   Babies of Two in hard cover format will be available at some time in the near future.



What is the biggest thing you have learned in the process of becoming an author?


To write for the love of the process, not for the color of money.  To give 110% to every word I write whether it’s a short blog post, a poem I’m working on or a brand new book.  I must keep writing until my words are the very best that they can be in order to be proud of each and every endeavor.



Where can your readers and future readers contact you?



My heart-felt appreciation to you Kim Gosselin, for the time you took out of your busy schedule to do this interview.  I enjoyed learning more about you and your talent and I’m sure the readers will feel the same.  We will be looking for you new book in November, as well as more to come.

God bless you.

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