Patti J. Smith

August 19, 2015

My author interview today is with a lady who did the very first author interview on me.  She is the one who inspired me to start doing interviews myself.  Allow me to introduce you to…



Patti J. Smith


When did you know you wanted to become and author, and why?

Writing has been a love of mine since I was a child.  I am a great proponent of journaling and it was because of that I decided to pursue publishing my journey from sin to redemption … an effort to give women light at the end of the tunnel.  During that process, I began using my life experience as a basis for individual devotionals.  My personal testimony as well as four of my devotionals are in “Moments with God” (paperback and e-book) and are also available in e-book format separately. 


Are you published through the traditional method, or are you an Indie author?

I am published through the Christian publisher, Helping Hands Press


What is the biggest thing you have learned in the process of becoming an author?

I have learned that the author community is one of camaraderie.  I have not met one author that hasn’t been willing to provide advice, constructive criticism and encouragement in my writing endeavors.


Who is your favorite author (aside from yourself, of course)?

I have two … James Patterson who is one of the best crime writers out there and Scott Hahn who writes about the Catholic faith.


What is your genre and do you think you may write in another at some point?

Some of my author friends call me Dr. Jekyll and Patti J. Smith!  I started out with Christian devotionals…

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 …but with encouragement from my publisher, I have branched out to suspense/mystery and light romance.  I find moving from one genre to the next keeps my work from becoming stale.

Are you an avid reader yourself?

Absolutely.  Not only do I enjoy reading, but it is an important tool in improving my writing skills.


Do you have a favorite character in any novel, including your own?  Why do you call this character your favorite?

Dallas Keegan is a detective in my Grave Obsessions series.  She is like many of us trying to find the good in life, amongst all the darkness, through faith. 


Do you have aspirations of your work becoming a movie?  

I really don’t have aspirations, but I wouldn’t refuse!  (LOL) 


Whom would you like to play the leads?

I see Sandra Bullock as Dallas Keegan and Kyra Sedgewick as her partner, Twyla Worley. 


How much time do you spend writing each day?

I try to write five to six hours on most days (actually, I write in the middle of the night to avoid distractions). 


Where do you like to write?

You can find me in my recliner in the living room.  I have also gone to Mission San Luis Rey during their “Quiet Mondays” and used one of their guest rooms. 


What is your favorite novel from another writer? 

One of my favorites (I have so many) is “The Thornbirds” by Colleen McCullough.


Do you have any words of wisdom for future authors?

Be fearless, write from the heart and reach out to other authors.


Where can your readers and future readers contact you?

Visit me at my blog:
Visit my author’s page:


Where were you born, where did you grow up, and did this have any bearing on how or what you write about?

I was born in Wimpole Park, England.  My father in the Air Force and we lived in England, Morocco, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington State.  I don’t think my childhood travels have any bearing on how or what I write, but my adult experiences definitely do. 


What experiences in life have contributed to your writing? 

The greatest experience that contributed to my writing is when I finally accepted Christ into my life. 


How have the experiences in your life contributed to your writing?

My life experiences are lessons I can share with others … as a way to prevent them from making the same mistakes and give hope to those who sadly followed in my former footsteps.


Tell us a little about yourself personally.

I worked for the federal government as an auditor for the Department of Labor and Veteran’s Administration Offices of Inspector General, as an Elementary School Office Manager for the San Jacinto Unified School District, served ten years in the U.S. Army Reserves and recently retired as a background investigator.

I am a member of the Association of Christian Therapists, Associate of the Order of St. Luke the Physician, serve as Regional Coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Co-lead Rachel’s Hope After-Abortion Healing Retreats. I publicly share my story of redemption in a variety of venues, have been a guest on Sacred Heart and Blogtalk Radio and appear in the newly-released documentary, “The Sidewalk Chronicles”.

I live in Vista, CA with my husband and we have been blessed with two beautiful granddaughters. I’m a prolific blogger and reader and proudly admit to being a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan and Fantasy Football fanatic. My travel adventures include Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Fiji, South Korea and almost all states – including Hawaii and Alaska. 

Thank you for allowing me to interview you, Patti.  You are one very interesting lady.  I wish you all the best in your writing and will be looking forward to hearing from you regarding new publications.

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