Paths of Righteousness
$13.70eBook: $12.95
Genre: Christian Romance Suspense
ISBN: 1499694822
WILL BE RE-EDITED SOON: A story of tragedy, uncertainty, fear, love, revenge and blessings in the lives of Christians, two of which have lost their way and need to turn to the right path in order to experience the blessings that God has for them.
About the Book

Kathryn has had a rough life but also has had many blessings fall into her path, blessings which she has yet to fully realize. Loss of loved ones overwhelms her thinking at times. Then someone comes into her life and complicates it even more. At first, they are always at odds and thinking the worst of each other. Gradually she succumbs to his charms. At the same time, he realizes that she is not the threat to him that he thought. She fights her emotions thinking that all he wants is a friendship and nothing more. Mathew, a former coworker who has tried to seduce Kathryn in the past, Nick, an old friend who has always loved her, and Jacob, the new man in her life all produce a tangled web. She is trying to work it all out on her own, forgetting that she has a heavenly Father to turn to. Will Kathryn make the right choices in the end?


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