Paths of Righteousness
Genre: Christian Romance Suspense
Publisher: Self Published
ASIN: 1732923701
ISBN: 9781732923706
A story of uncertainty, fear, love, revenge and blessings in the lives of Christians, who need to turn to the right path in order to experience the blessings that God has for them. Despite misunderstandings, will they find the path of righteousness? Laugh and cry along with the characters of Paths of Righteousness and find out for yourself.
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About the Book

Despite the love of her adoptive family, the loss of Kathryn’s parents and her brother has left a hole in her heart. To cope, she pours herself into her job at a medical clinic. Unwanted attention from a staff member fuels her anxiety. But could she escape him by leaving her place of employment and home? When she meets a new doctor, her life becomes even more complicated. Mixed signals cause her nursing school admission essay site to think the worst of him, but his charm draws her. Her brother’s former college roommate adds to the tangled web of Kathryn’s emotions, as do recurring nightmares. Or are they warnings? Will she seek God’s guidance to make the right choices in the end?

Sharon K. Connell has brought together delightful characters in a wonderfully written story of young love. What choices will be made? With what consequences? You won't want to miss Paths of Righteousness. It's a real page turner that won't disappoint. From Contemporary Romance Author
– Jackie Zack
The author writes with a uniquely vivid and dramatic touch that keeps the reader engrossed in the narrative throughout. Her characters are strongly drawn, distinctly memorable, and wholly realistic. Her plot-lines are, in this writer's experience, top-drawer in their nail-biting intensity.
– Alan J. O'Reilly
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