There Abideth Hope
Genre: Christian Romance Suspense
ASIN: 1505319633
ISBN: 1505319633
IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RE-WRITTEN: A murder has been committed and a young lady, in college, working toward her career as a nurse, appears to be the only witness. Lynne Temple's life takes a turn when she joins the U.S. Navy Nursing Corp, bringing her into the war in the Middle East to attend the wounded. When she decides to start her civilian life on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, she experiences déjà vu. An attempted murder at the hospital where she is employed takes place on her floor. The first time she testified, Lynne escaped revenge.
About the Book

Will she be that fortunate after identifying the fiend this time? Can law enforcement protect her? Will her friends help her? Can the man she loves take care of her? Will God be there for her? Or will she become one of his victims? Will they all become his victims? A storm is brewing in the Gulf along the beautiful coast of Florida. A storm is also brewing in the lives of Lynne and her friends, including Nick, the long awaited man in her life. Human trafficking, teens involved in rave parties, drugs, total disregard for life itself are causing havoc in the community. This storm may cost their lives at the hand of the villain known only as The Piper. Will they survive?


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