Stephanie Collins

October 14, 2015   Today will be the last author I am interviewing for a while due to the writing classes I’ve begun. Please help me welcome… Stephanie Collins Stephanie and I first met on […]

Erica Robinson

October 7, 2015   Please help me welcome author Erica Robinson to my website and Facebook Group Forum today. Erica Robinson And without delay, we will get right into the interview. I’m looking forward to learning more […]

Celest Perrino-Walker

September 30, 2015   Today, I would like to introduce you to… Céleste Perrino-Walker Céleste and I met Goodreads where she was looking for Christian authors to share whether or not they wrote Christian or […]

AnnaLee Conti

September 23, 2015   My Guest Author interview today will be with… AnnaLee Conti I met AnnaLee when she was featured on another author friend’s blog at the beginning of this year.  Please join […]

Kim Gosselin

September 16, 2015   Today’s interview will be with, Kim Gosselin     Kim Is an author I met on my favorite group in LinkedIn, PenandPaperWorld where we have had discussions on numerous topics for […]

Ruth Ann Hixson

  September 9, 2015   My author interview for today is with someone I have come to know through LinkedIn originally, but also on Facebook where we exchange comments often and have a lot of […]

Judith Golightly

September 2, 2015   Today, please allow me to introduce you to… Judith  Golightly   Judith Golightly is one of the many authors I have met here on Facebook.  She is the author of Billy’s […]

Patricia Bradley

August 26, 2015   May I please introduce you to my author for this week… Patricia Bradley Patricia is one of my fellow authors on Facebook and someone with whom I personally am interested in […]

Patti J. Smith

August 19, 2015   My author interview today is with a lady who did the very first author interview on me.  She is the one who inspired me to start doing interviews myself.  Allow me […]

Talia Carner

August 12, 2015   It is my privilege today to introduce you to… Talia Carner   Talia is one of the many talented authors whom I have enjoyed learning about on Facebook.  And now, we […]

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