February Newsletter



  1. Sharon, took me forever, but I made it. I think I’ve got something else from you I need to respond to. This is interesting–I’ve been working on my author website, but I don’t think we have it set up right. Yours worked like it was supposed to though. Hmm. I’ll have to work on mine again. Now do you get a notification that I’ve signed up? Curious. Have a great day, take care, and an even better day tomorrow. Donevy ~When you only have words~

    • Thank you Donevy. I hope you’ll enjoy all the newsletters. And thank you for the nice words about my website. I hope yours turns out exactly as you want it. Mine was designed for me by Jennifer McDaniel. You’ll see her in my endorsements at the bottom of my newsletters. Have a great day.

  2. LOL, well, my computer son and I worked on my website, but I’m thinking he’s getting his ‘experience’ by working on mine, but I don’t pay him lots, so? Like they tell me, ‘it’ll be all right, it’s all good’. You have a great day. And by the way, one of my other sons absolutely loves the ‘piano guys’. 🙂

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