Path to Fantasy

My Path to Fantasy


Have you ever wished you could disappear into a world of fantasy? Maybe some days when you’re having a rough time of it, or perhaps just because. LOL I like the “just because” myself. For that reason, I decided to create a faery garden in the corner of the backyard.

This path leads to all kinds of adventures in my mind. Like the time my group forum had a membership party and we decided to take a trip to everywhere that was mentioned in one of my guest authors’ books. Wanting to add excitement to the trip, and a little bit of mischief too (of course…after all, I am Irish), I decided to have one of my faeries from the faery garden become more of an imp than they really are. So, I made up a story about her. It was great fun.

Here are some pictures from my faery garden. Hope you enjoy them.

The name of my faery village is Rivendell (Bet you readers and writers can guess where that name came from. LOL).


Every good faery village needs a decent church.


And, of course, the church needs a good pastor. Here’s his home to the west of the church, within flying distance.


Across the path from the church and pastor’s home is the tulip house. This is where the gardener and his family live.


Then back across the path again is the playhouse for the little children faeries.


Here you see the mayor’s mansion and a small cottage along the wooden pathway above. Now, what do you think those hedgehogs are up to? Whatever it is, that faery in the background is getting out of the way.




At the back of the faery garden is a huge sleeping bulldog. He’s been asleep for so long, one of the faeries doesn’t even know she’s sleeping on that leaf right next to his head. You can also see the leaf shaped door of her house in the fence, and another neighbor to the right who has made a stone walkway to his front twig door.


The village even has it’s jail in the rock, although most of the time it’s empty.



This sweet faery looks like she’s directing traffic. It can get a bit busy with all those faeries flying here and there and everywhere.


Here’s the back view of the garden.



They’ve even built a home in the bottom of the birdbath. I guess they think the caladium leaves will hide them.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the faery garden. One of these days I may just write a story about this village.

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